Basic Verbal Commands We Use When Training:

    No- Stop what you're doing.

    Here- Come to handler's side immediately.

    Sit- Assume sit position immediately.

    Kennel- Used to command the dog to enter their kennel, crate, vehicle or building.

    Heel- Move to handler's side in the heel position.

    [Dog's Name]- The dog's own name is used to release the dog for marked retrieves.  This allows more than one dog

                          to work side by side with each other but yet only releases one of the dogs for a retrieve.

    Down- Drop to stomach, laying position.

    Out- Exit crate, kennel, vehicle or building.

    Fetch- Reach for or pickup an object with the dog's mouth.

    Give- Release an object from the dog's mouth to hand.

    Watch- Verbal queue to watch, something is about to happen, such as a thrown mark.

    Back- Used in conjunction with a hand signal which tells the dog to move away from the handler and also to release the

             dog to make a blind retrieve from handler's side.

    Over- Used in conjunction with a hand signal to tell the dog to move left or right from his present position.

    No Bird- Used to tell the dog to ignore and not pickup a bird or training dummy which it sees fall.

    Backup- Used to move the dog backwards in the heel position when it is by your side and not positioned properly.

    Hunt It Up- Used to command the dog to search an area for a bird or training dummy.

Note:  Heeling is usually done on the left side for right hand shooters and on the right hand side for left hand shooters.

          Heeling on both sides is desirable and can be a definite advantage in certain situations, such as hunt tests and field

          trials, but not mandatory.

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